saturday morning poem


i hate farmers markets and iced coffee

i hate dogs and trips up the coast and hiking trails and parking and 8 megapixels because add filter tell world the world needs to know we went on a hike saturday fucking morning + vsco cam + sierra filter + 2 more apps upload like

i hate cargo shorts and errands and BBQ chicken and potato salad and miller lite and backyards

i hate your handcrafted jewelry, rugs, wooden children’s toys, ceramics, messenger bags, terrariums, vintage goods

i hate beach house and coldplay and fleet foxes

i hate chardonnay and your conversation about monterrey jazz festival

i hate cabbing it

i hate beignets and bloody marys and van morrisson and having just one more and your obvious lack of self control

i hate yoga, live painting, graffiti, street art, dj sets, vegan eats, bike powered smoothies, zines, murals, local nonprofits, hip hop, sunglasses, local, sustainable, certified organic, worker owned, co-op- i am going to burn a plastic bag for every banana peel you compost



it’s my sisters birthday

it’s my sisters birthday

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy




Hey there lonely girl :(

Hey there lonely girl :(

went to the beach